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Monday, April 17, 2017


I gotta be honest, I'm struggling. My allergies are worse this year more than ever and its putting a wrench in life. Over the years I could always tell when the pollen came out, a mild headache that lingered for a couple days. Then a few years ago I started having additional symptoms so I started taking Zyrtec. For the most part that worked great and I thought I had solved the problem. Unfortunately, this spring has hit me hard and my symptoms are just plain bad. I don't feel like myself. I have less energy and I'm always in a bit of a fog. Insert giant frown. I've started layering another medication to hopefully help and I'm saying a little prayer that it does. 

It's been almost a year since I hurt my leg and even though that's healed for the most part, my body still hasn't been able to get back to normal and these pollen shenanigans aren't helping. When your body won't cooperate it is just the pits. 

Before I start sounding like a completely ungrateful jerk- I know there are people who are far worse off than I- life hasn't stopped, it just isn't moving as smoothly as it was last time this year and I can't quite figure out how to fully coarse correct. In the mean time, I had a really nice holiday weekend and that's always something to be grateful for. I got some niece and nephew time, squeezed in a couple bike rides, and had some fabulous food. Thanks especially to my friends Chris and Melanie for having us all over for Easter dinner Sunday. 

As Catholics, we see Easter as a bit of a rebirth, a new beginning.  Here's to finding one when you need it. Cheers!

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