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Monday, January 2, 2017

The Other Side

Over the holidays I very happily found myself at the new Potterfield Bridge a few times. It's fabulous. If you haven't been, you should definitely go. You can sit in the middle of the river and listen to the water roar beneath you. Awesome. My niece and nephew couldn't stop saying how cool it was.

As you're walking across it you feel such a sense of awe as well, not only at what man can build, but that both sides of the river are now connected. We've always been able to get to the other side. Somehow this feels different. It's not another side, it's the same city with our lovely river now at it's heart.

Richmond keeps growing and changing in ways that make me so glad I still call it home. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. For my part it was fun and packed. I lament I didn't build in more downtime, but it seems harder and harder to do as I get older. I've made a couple resolutions that I'm very much hoping to keep and I'm so ridiculously excited for a new year. Stay tuned for all new posts and adventures.


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