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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Dance Floor

Ever have someone pull you on the dance floor when you didn't expect it? You're standing there balancing in your high heels sipping champagne and all of a sudden your hand is taken and you find yourself off balance as you listen desperately for the beat. Left, right, back, turn left. Your new partner pulls you back in finally and you grab his shoulder for support, your right cheek and his left suddenly smitten with each other. As we get older the holidays feel like everything between the cold champagne and the warm cheek, totally unexpected and fun, but also a bit crazy and exhausting. This past weekend Church Hill threw out the holiday red carpet with event after event to celebrate the season. We had our annual candlelight Vespers walk to Libby Hill Park, the holiday ball and the house tour in the neighborhood, I also ventured with a friend to Agecroft Hall and finally checked out the new location for Secco. A whirl to be sure, but a great one. 

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