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Friday, October 7, 2016

It's Friday, Love

{ My co-workers are kinda cool cats }

I've had a lot of photography jobs the last couple weeks, which have been great. It's really cool to have people pay me money for something I love to do. This is the part where I have to be careful though. If I take too many jobs and I can't get to editing all of the photos as quickly as I'd like to because of my work and personal schedule, it will stress me out and something I love will start to become one more thing on my to-do list I can't get to. Then it becomes a chore. NO BUENOS. Balance. Maybe I'll call Skywalker and see if The Force can help? Looking forward to the band's show at O'Toole's Saturday night and a relaxing Sunday. See you guys Monday! 

{ Still recovering, ran a whopping 3 minutes this week }

{ I bet your living room doesn't come with a band }

{ Gloomy days this week }

{ Photographed a Yelp event at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa }

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