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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Southern Cheese Plate

Less than a mile from my sister's house in Charlotte is a quaint little place called The Bradford Store. If the sign wasn't right on the road announcing its presence, you'd absolutely miss it.  You're driving through a residential area talking on your phone and heading to Target. You don't expect to encounter a store that's been there for almost a hundred years on land that's been in the same family since the 1700's. As soon as you drive up you put your phone down, your heart a little bit lighter because of the gorgeous, bucolic setting. You burst out of the car and begin running up the steps only to remind yourself that you're acting like you six year old nephew. But what's inside? You're so excited to find out! Fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh meats and eggs. Jam. Peanuts. Cheerwine. Cider. You settle on several treasures while being greeted by the store dog, continuously asking to be petted.  Among your wares you've picked up some homemade pimento cheese, sweet potato biscuits and some muscadets. All the makings of a fabulous Southern cheese plate best enjoyed on the back patio. If you find yourself in the Charlotte area I highly recommend stopping by.

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