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Friday, July 8, 2016

It's Friday, Love

{ The kitchen smells like peonies }

I fell off my bike last Saturday which was my first fall in over a year. Boo. I tried to stop when I realized something was wrong with my back tire, but I couldn't get my left foot out of the clip in time and went right over. I shouldn't have been out there anyway. My hamstring had been giving me trouble and I just needed to rest that day. Instead, I had to get my but out there and then look what happened. I tried to rally but it cast a bit of a shadow over the weekend. I was worried if my knee was seriously hurt and how long it would be before I could exercise again. Being mad at myself + worrying + the unknown = not a fun combination for me. The fact that Sunday felt like April and that there weren't many traditional Fourth activities going on in my world didn't help.

But slowly, day by day, it's gotten better. I do have some nasty cuts and bruises but they'll heal as well. Now for my pride.....a much longer road I'm sure. Every day this week got a little better too and today, Friday, I find myself with a smile and the sun on my face. Here's to a great weekend everyone! See ya Monday!

{ Miss A spent some time in the office with me this week }

{ Supplies }

{ Buy this immediately it's the shiznit }

{ Castanea getting some press }

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