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Friday, June 24, 2016

It's Friday, Love

Today's It's Friday, Love is brought to you by one photo because that's all I got this week. Oh well, at least it's a photo that makes me happy. I love sunflowers in my kitchen. When I was travelling for work on a weekly basis flowers in my kitchen meant I was home for a few days. It felt like such a luxury. A marker that I was home. I have worried these past couple weeks that I would miss it - travelling. For almost six years I was gone one to two nights a week. Then there were the longer four day trips and the week long conferences. The second thing people would say to me, you're always travelling. I was. It's been nice not having to pack my suitcase. It's been nice not having to drop Miss A off at my mom's. I haven't missed it yet. I miss the people I would see. I miss the places I would explore. But I've been busy here at home as well. Good busy. I'm always hopping from meeting to meeting and working on new issues that have captured my attention. It's been great and I feel so happy about where I've landed. Happy Friday everyone, see ya Monday....

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