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Friday, June 10, 2016

It's Friday, Love

{ The man in the mirror }

Summer is slowly starting to creep into my imagination. Maybe it's not that it hasn't felt like summer,  it's that summer is here already and will be over before we know it. How do we make the long hours of sunshine and the freedom that comes from that warmth stick around? We don't. That's why it's called summer. At least when it comes to the calendar we know how long the good times will last, how long to savor the moments. June. July. August. Absent a numerical order that's a constant, we never know the good times are about to end. We never know the moment just before was the last one. It should teach us to savor every moment, but it doesn't. We still walk around with unrealistic bravado professing that the good times will always roll. Be a love and blow on my dice before I roll again?   

{ Popsicles }

{ A photo from the Public Safety Memorial dedication }

{ Lunch spot }

{ Miss Wrigley }

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