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Friday, June 3, 2016

It's Friday, Love

{ My goddaughter Carolina "graduated" }

It's been a pretty good week in my little corner of the world. Things are starting to even out and I'm finding my new rhythm. It's not as jarring or loud as it was. It's not as exhausting. It's more challenging. It's deeper. There's a bass beat I can follow now. It's actually coming from me. Any horns or percussion come in only when I'm good and ready for a little higher tempo. It's about how I feel, not someone else. It's nice. See ya Monday. 

{ A little bubbly for my mom's bday }

{ Late day sun on Cary Street }

{ Yumminess at the RVA Greek Festival }

{ A cracked frame that hung in my father's office and a bumper sticker from AP Government Class we made in high school inspire my work space }

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