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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The East End

Here's a few pictures from this past weekend's East End Music Festival in Chimbarazo Park. Church Hill Music Co. was happy to be a part of the line-up and help raise money for Richmond City School's Music Departments. For most of us, other than attending a church, music class in school is the first place you're exposed to instruments, notes and songs......the mechanics, the beauty, the creativity, the preciseness of it all. For me, I remember the first time my elementary school music teacher told me I had a beautiful voice. It was like the sun on my face to learn I was good at something, that there was something that made me special. Music helps us in so many ways as we develop in school and we should never forget the confidence, happiness and wonder it can bring to a child. Even if music isn't part of their life's path, the positive influence of it is immeasurable. Please remember that the next time you have the opportunity to support music in schools.

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