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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Key Lime Pie

I love having friends over for dinner, but I've learned over the years to keep things as simple as possible so you can actually enjoy them being there instead of cooking/serving all evening. Recently, I made a huge pot of chili (easy peasy) for just such an occasion and wanted something lighter for desert to balance the meal out. Key Lime Pie is light, right? Good, you agree. Having never made one from scratch before, I settled on this recipe which looked easy enough to prepare, but had decadent touches that I knew would ensure it was still over the top wow! It turned out perfectly and honestly might be the best desert I've ever made. Life always throws us a few curve balls though, so I did deviate a bit from the recipe. I couldn't find actual key limes (the guy at Whole Foods laughed when I asked) so the zest is from regular old limes. I also doubled the amount of graham crackers and butter because I like a thick, rich crust to balance out the tartness of the filling. And whatever you do, do NOT use whip cream out of a can! Take the extra couple minutes and whip the heavy cream yourself. It makes a huge difference. Oh my god it was so good! Still dreaming about that first bite. Enjoy!

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