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Monday, March 7, 2016

If It's All the Same

I love that I get to travel around to different state capitols. They are all much the same and yet, all different. The inhabitants all mention how unique their state is and then quickly ask what other states that are geographically close have done to tackle a problem they are now facing. You will generally find an open space between the House and Senate Chambers where people gather. No one can live without a coffee and a cafeteria, and those that guard the doors know where the bodies are buried.

They all have their little quirks and oddities, like a red carpet in North Carolina's capitol that was only walked on for 24 hours before being roped off for the past 40-ish years. The architect wanted everyone who entered the building to feel equal so "everyone" got to walk on the red carpet when they arrived. What he didn't take into account was the wear and tear that many people walking daily on a carpet would do. They would have had to replace it every six months. And so it sits....

Walking the halls of these buildings, much like in Washington, DC, affords you a ring-side seat to our democratic republic's everyday glory. There is protest, opinions, fighting, compromise, dirty dealings. miracles and everything else in between. Here's a few pics from my trip last week to South Carolina's seat of government. Always a pleasure. Till next time...

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