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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What Might Have Been

They say that timing is everything. They're right. There are doors that we open and close and once done, cannot be undone. Every time I go back to Kentucky though, as I did last week for work, I think about what might have been. I was born in Louisville, where my father was from, and lived just over the Ohio River in Indiana, where my mother's from, for a little over a year when I was in first grade. Then his next transfer came in and to Virginia we moved.

I don't know if the outcome of their marriage would have been any different had we stayed. Doors had already been opened and closed that had set them on a certain path. We would have had more family around us, but that may not have made any impact at all. I would have grown up with my cousins and gone to UK or UofL and that would have been that.

Fate, as you already know, had a different idea. I used to trust fate more, but these days I'm having a problem with her. Her methods are wearing me out. There is still one chip I have to play, all on my own, that she has nothing to do with. If I bet it on the right color, I just might give her the last piece she needs to finish the puzzle. Unfortunately, I've never been much of a gambler. Perhaps I need to change that.

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