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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Tourist

We're in the beginning planning stages of my organization's annual gala and DC will be this year's venue. I'm always in DC for regular work, so I was excited to play tourist for the day and discover event spaces with our planning team. We had a great time. We always do. When you throw four funny, gorgeous, fabulous women together and how could you not?:). Just having a little fun, but I do love these ladies and we work extremely well together.

Then life threw a wrench in the works. I'd woken up the Friday before feeling not so awesome and could already tell I was getting sick. Despite this, I loaded up on a vitamin c Advil cocktail and lied to myself through a three hour Saturday night show with the band and a Sunday where I should have planted my but on the couch and rested, but didn't. Cut to Monday night when the fever set in and I hibernated in my hotel room for the evening. So much for a fun time in DC.

I'm sharing waaaaaay to much information because it's times like these that I need to remind myself that my body needs to reset. I think getting sick is actually a way for your body to pinch itself. Hey, you idiot! Hey, you who've been burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of yourself?!!! Guess what?! Quit it!

So I don't have as many great pictures as I was hoping, but I did manage to snap a couple that I liked. More importantly, we got a heck of a lot of work and planning done while criss-crossing the city checking out venues. And most importantly for me, I had a you need to slow down/take care of yourself/lets plan the next couple months organizing session with myself over coffee Tuesday morning in my room. Reset, check. 

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