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Monday, February 1, 2016


I turn 37 this week. I don't know what I thought this stage in my life would be like, but the reality is better than anything I could have conjured up in my imagination. And there is really only one reason for that, I'm comfortable with myself. It's a nice feeling. I know what I'm good at and I know what I'm bad at. I know where I'm likely to trip up and where I'll flourish. I know myself. I hope every year I look back on these birthday posts as little time capsules. The moments go by so quickly now and I'm told that particular phenomenon will only increase with speed.

Me, at 37.....

I still make more coffee than I need to every morning even though I know I'll only drink two cups. A small pot of coffee is just wrong.

I thought it was a good idea to go to the dermatologist because there were a couple of dark spots on my face that I was concerned about. Since I bike year round now and am in the sun more, thought it best to be safe rather than sorry. She laughed and said "no honey you're just getting older". She then pointed out a couple other fun things that are also signs that I hadn't even noticed yet. Bonus! NOT.

It takes much longer to turn my brain off and relax. Even on vacation it takes a couple days. I remember the times in my twenties when I longed for a fast-paced, gigantic life. After my daydreaming was done I promptly fell asleep. Not anymore. Sleep, true restful sleep, is a precious commodity.

I love my house and I love my neighborhood.

I'm better at saying no and setting boundaries for myself.

There's a switch that flips and I make better choices. Don't procrastinate, you're full stop eating, you know full well you will look stupid in that dress, etc. Saves me a lot of beating up on myself time.

I am still a fool in love.

When Miss Austen gives me a kiss it's the best feeling in the world to be her mom.

The work I get to do.....

That feeling when I hit the note.

I couldn't make it through this mess without my close friends.

I'll be 40 in three years. My god.

I am still the only one who can correct a grave mistake I made long ago.

I still need to feel like I'm exhausted all possibilities before I can move on. 

I look pretty damn good for 37.

Everything is better with a glass of wine in my hand.

I hope there's many more.....

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