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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miss A Goes to Lowe's

Waddup humans!

My name is Miss Austen and this is my mom's blog, Austen Hill. I accompany her on a lot of the adventures you see featured, but I'm not always in the photos because I don't like to hold still and I'm really only concerned about where my next meal is coming from, so my one facial expression is hunger. I do love looking back at the photos from where we've been and reading about all of the trouble we get into. We have a pretty fun life. Lately, I've been wanting to contribute to the blog too, so I asked my mom if I could do a post about one of my favorite places in Richmond, Lowe's. Of course she said yes!

I absolutely love going to Lowe's! It's the best. I get to meet new people and walk around sniffing all kinds of new smells. Occasionally, there's even other dogs there that I get to meet. If there was a snack bar with food for me and wine for her, mom and I could live there, no problem. She says it's especially nice to take me there when it's cold outside so I get some exercise and she gets to buy things.........something about two birds and a stone??? I like chasing birds but I don't ever see any at Lowe's so I think she's wrong about that part.

That's me above in the cleaning aisle. We walk through this aisle and my mom looks around but never buys anything. I don't understand because I see other people buying things from it all the time. When I go to other people's houses they have these things too. We don't. My mom says it's because dirt is good for me and my immune system. I don't know what an immune system is but it sounds important. 

I think we'd only been there about 10 minutes at this point, but I was already tired. I like laying on the floor because it feels cool on my belly.....another one of my favorite things. 

This is the paint aisle. We spend a lot of time here. My mom holds colors up for me to look at so I can give her my opinion. I never have the heart to tell her I can only see in black and white, poor thing. She does like to paint and is never afraid to try a new color. I wanted to help when she was painting the kitchen a couple years ago, so I started painting the floor grey with my paws. She wasn't happy that I tried to help so I stay out of her way now. 

I thought I saw a cute guy walking ahead of us so I ran after him and yelled, "Hey you! Are you single? Do you want to date my mom?". I ran through a couple aisles to find him but I lost him. My mom doesn't like it when I do this, but heck, she's not having any luck on her own so I figure what the hell? For the record, part of the reason she may not be having any luck is because she goes to Lowe's in yoga pants and Ugg boots sans makeup. It's pretty rough, and she doesn't get the hint when I offer to go get her brush from the bathroom upstairs before we leave. 

This is what I call the "big tool" section. My mom has no idea what any of this stuff is. Well, I take that back. She can use a drill, but even that's spotty at best. Thank goodness there are people who come over to fix things when they break at the house. I love people coming over, but my mom seems tense when this happens and says things like, "there goes your college fund". 

This is what I call the "knick-knack" section. My mom comes here a lot too. She buys things then gets them home and they don't work so she has to take them back. When they don't work and she makes giant/multiple holes in the wall, she uses (shouts) words that she tells me are bad and I shouldn't use. So why can she use them? Totally not fair being a dog sometimes.

I'm tired again so you know the drill. The plants are always so pretty, I love looking at them. My mom doesn't buy them as much as she used to because she says she just kills them. PS, this is my "I'm hungry" expression.

I hope you've enjoyed this small glimpse into one of my favorite spots in Richmond. I'm hard at work thinking of other fun spots to show you as well. My mom is encouraging me to do more things like this which I really appreciate. She keeps saying something about me earning my keep.

See you,
Miss A

PS: Just so you know, my mommy is the best mommy in the whole world and I'm the luckiest dog in the whole world! She paid me to write that:).

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  1. I meant to comment on this when I read it - this was adorable! I laughed so much and the pictures made this story!! Tell your mom that she should let you contribute to her blog again!