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Friday, January 8, 2016

It's Friday, Love

{ First feet picture of 2016 }

It's always so funny to me how much gravity I feel when I type in the date of each It's Friday, Love post. Since they all have the same name I label the files by date. When I typed in today's I thought, how in the hell is it 2016 and how have I been blogging for almost four years? Crazy. The week itself has been much better than I expected considering that what happened in December will not be un-happening. Our fears are always a bit more dramatic than what actually ends up happening.

Thursday was, and always will be, a little sad. It was the sixth anniversary of my father's death. I love this picture of us dancing at my sister's wedding. I was walking across the dance floor to say hi to someone and my dad grabbed me and we started dancing. I was extremely embarrassed and said "DAD! They haven't even had the first dance yet!". He said "I'm paying for this shindig, I don't care I can do what I want!". I laughed and we had a lovely moment together. Those are the times I always want to remember.

The weekend ahead looks quiet and that's fine with me. Hoping to get a bike ride in between the rain, cook something yummy and rest. Did I mention the Virginia Legislative Session starts next Wednesday? Yea, it's about to get a little "cray cray". That's a technical lobbying term in case you're unfamiliar. Have a great weekend everyone!

{ Wish I could remember the song }

{ I've been loving this all-purpose bag a friend gave me for Christmas }

{ Fancy Freesia by H & M Cosmetics is my go-to color of the moment }

{ Gloomy grey weather = British mysteries }

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