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Friday, January 15, 2016

It's Friday, Love

{ Late afternoon January Sun }
A woman's hair is very important to her. I can't explain it. If it looks bad we will most certainly be having a bad day. If it looks great, the zombie apocalypse can't stop us. So when I left my long-time hair salon last January and ventured out in search of something new, I was hoping to find the perfect fit. My old place had been doing a fair job and I always felt good about my hair, but I'd been asking for changes that they weren't doing. I still felt like I walked out with the same old color and the same old cut. I needed a change.

The first place I went to cut four inches off of my hair after I clearly stated in plain English that 1/2 an inch was my limit. Then began a series of new salons over the course of a year but nothing ever felt right. The last straw came in December when I tried someone (who came highly recommended) that literally turned me into a blonde after I clearly stated, again in plain English, that I always like a few highlights but I NEVER want to be a blonde.

Maybe it was the calendar year. Maybe it was me. Who knows. But I did some more research, set up a consultation before I ever set up an appointment and finally (hopefully) have found what I was looking for. Heather at Mango Salon in Short Pump is da bomb! We clicked right away and I really love what she did with my hair. I'm a brunette! Well, I've always been a brunette, but my natural color is this yucky Irish dishwater brown that is now mixed with copious amounts of grey. Yeah me! Hopefully now it's the color I should have been born with.

Having said that, a big change is still always a big change no matter how much you like what's happened. I'm still getting used to it, but I'm really happy. It feels more like me. Did I mention that I HATED being blonde? Hopefully I'm finally on the right road. So..... lots of hair talk today, but see the first few sentences of my's really important!:) The rest of the week has been busy and not too bad. Hope everything is on a good road now that I'm thinking about it. Have a great weekend!

{ Dear Target, It's January so this upsets me. Love, Kelly }

{ It literally pains me to write this as a life-long fan, but I really didn't enjoy Star Wars }

{ Hoping brunettes have more fun }

{ Need to remind myself of this after a long day when all I want to do is put on yoga pants and drink wine }

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