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Monday, January 4, 2016

Holiday Hangover

Not every hangover is built the same. There are the ones where you say to yourself "dear God what did I do?". Then there are the ones where you say "that was a good night, the headache was worth it.". Then there are the ones that come from a sustained period of revelry known as "the holidays". I love celebrating, but I also love when it's over and things get back to normal. 

This year I had a long break and it was nice to not pack my work bag once. It was also nice to see my family and have everyone over Christmas Day.......which felt like we were in Australia. Crazy. Not much else of significant note except time on the couch, fun outings with friends and a rockin New Year's Eve! 

All that remains now to suppress this latest bout of over-consumption is to look ahead to a new year. I did make a couple resolutions, because come on, it's me. Did you make any? Hope so. What is a new year for if not to start fresh and hope we make this year a little better than the last.

Kelly's Year's Resolutions: 2016 Edition (In no particular order or likelihood of completion:))

  1. Be healthy: Already on a great road just need to stay the course....
  2. Be smarter about my money: Don't worry, I haven't gone all Nicholas Cage and purchased an island or a castle I can't afford, but I do need to make a couple of small changes that will benefit me in the long run.
  3. Make sure Miss Austen gets enough exercise: It's so easy after a long day to rationalize why she doesn't need a real walk as opposed to a poddy break. It's dark out. It's cold. I'm tired, where's my mail order husband I sent away for from that unnamed foreign country with my glass of wine? (Note to self, check on status of mail order husband). Need to be better about it.
And that's it my friends.....Happy New Year!

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