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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Cuppa

{ My fancy dancy espresso cups }

I remember going over to my best friend Miranda's house in high school and always seeing her mother with a cup of tea. I'll be honest, I didn't get it. You should be drinking coffee, hello?! It's way cooler. Thinking about how much coffee I drank back then is actually concerning to me, so let's forget I brought that up. Not sure when it happened, but now in my old age, I love me a cuppa. That's what the British call it and you know I love any excuse to pretend that I'm worldly. 

Don't worry friends, I haven't abandoned my dear cup of joe, far from it. I love a strong brew in the am, it lets me know my day is starting. And around 3:30pm I will never turn down an espresso. But I have come to enjoy and understand the loveliness a steaming mug of tea. If I've had a hard day, if I need to take a minute to center myself, if I need something warm to help me always does the trick.

I have a new table in the living room that I'm using as a bar, but it doesn't have room for my glasses, so I needed to rearrange a few things in the kitchen so I could store them. Outdated coffee mugs didn't make the cut and so a few of them found their way to Goodwill. There were a few I could never part with though. They are each special in their own way and make me smile each time I use them.

Gotta go.....kettle is ready.....

I got my coffee talk mug for my sixteenth birthday. I was really into Saturday Night Live at the time and I still do a mean Linda Richmond impression. It has a chip in it from an unfortunate fall some years back, and one year I left it at the beach condo we rent only to find it still there a year later and eager to come back home with me.

I bought this mug at the Dean and Deluca in Rockefeller Center on a trip to NYC in my early twenties. I thought it was very chic at the time. 

I bought this mug the first weekend I moved into Church Hill. Special for obvious reasons....

These are my nice ones I break out when company comes over. Company to me means people I clean the bathroom for. 

Last, but not least, my favorite mug. I love coffee in it. I love tea in it. I love soup in it. It's the prefect weight and shape and it keeps things warm forever. LOVE.

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