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Friday, November 6, 2015

It's Friday, Love

{ Loving quirky pumpkins this year }

I have been severely under the weather this week. Monday night I glamorously sauntered (sluggishly shivered) into a Patient First with a 102 temp that even a 140 degree warming blanket couldn't put a dent in. The next couple days weren't fun, but I'm happy to report I'm on the mend. Other than that I can't believe how much bad TV there is and thank god for Advil and Tylenol. See ya next week!

{ My best friends this week }

{ A spice cake I made for a friend's birthday a couple weeks ago that I never got to post }

{ Trying to figure out more excuses to wear my wig from Halloween }

{ There's nothing more exciting than an invitation }

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