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Monday, November 16, 2015

Almost Famous


I am back in the land of the blogging living after weeks of computer problems and being under the weather. Yeah! However, the irony of that statement is not lost on me, as today's post takes us to a cemetery. Most RVA locals will recognize Hollywood Cemetery immediately. For those of you non-locals, it's worth a Google.

After my extremely high and ridiculous fever broke the week before last, and I didn't get the traditional cold that normally accompanies these types of things, I thought I was cured. A long walk will do me good till I can get back to my normal exercise schedule thought I. Yea......not so much. Even though I didn't get a traditional cold, it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest and I should have rested instead of cleaning out my shed and then taking the aforementioned walk. The next day my fever was back and I cried Uncle! Two weeks from the onset (today), I feel actually healed and extremely happy to be so.

As for Hollywood, well..... cemeteries have never made me sad. I actually think they're great places to think and find some quiet. There are a lot of things that will be changing next year and I can already feel the shift starting to take place. Some things I will be saying goodbye to. I'll probably get around to writing about it in the next few weeks. That always helps me sort through the jumble and begin the road to saying goodbye. For better or worse I am an overly-sentimental person. I think that means that sometimes it takes longer for me to get over things than other people. But it also means that I will always have monuments in my heart, like the ones in Hollywood, so I can remember them.

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