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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Bad Week, Love

So, if you'll notice, I didn't post my normal "It's Friday, Love" post last week. Why, you ask? Well, after the monumentally crappy week I had, I just didn't have the brain space for it. One of those special ones for the record books where everything, big and small, that could go wrong, did.....

Neither my computer nor my air card would work, which is ridiculously problematic when you travel as much as I do.

Late trains. Missed meetings.

It rained. A lot.

I was so looking forward to finally being booked for Hogtober in Church Hill and then that got cancelled due to rain.

Not happy with my performance. Should have practiced more. Didn't win.

It was still raining.

Another late train.

You have got to be kidding me. Tail spin. That feeling is back. The heavy chest. The constant feeling of being just ever so slightly nauseous. I haven't felt like this in over six months. I'm afraid all of the hard work I've done is already starting to erode.

Oh look, it's raining.

Why is there a candle on me? Oh, it's because my scarf just caught on fire.

Miss A doesn't feel good. I'm sorry baby, it just has to run it's course.

At least now it's just misting. Maybe Scotland isn't all I've imagined it to be? Hot men in kilts must make up for the weather.

Sunday morning I began the slow process of attempting to rally by watching Predator, yes Predator, and making a to-do list over coffee and eggs. Watching action movies actually relaxes me when I'm upset. I didn't buy it or anything, don't freak out, it was just on television. In times like these, romantic comedies suck me in (don't have the time), heavy-themed movies make me even more depressed and Bravo television makes me loose faith in humanity, so action/sci-fi movies are my go-to. Started to feel a little better.

Note to self: Never take a jungle vacation. But, also remember to jot down these evasive hunting techniques should you ever find yourself in said jungle being hunted by giant alien beings.

The plan for this week is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to not set myself on fire. It's good to have a goal right?

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