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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Heart of Buffalo

Last year at my Annual Halloween Party I remember walking into my conspicuously quite kitchen to find 8 people hunched over the table. What are they doing? Why is it so quite? Oh God! Is there a hair in chili? In fact, they were all inhaling my friend Katie's Buffalo Chicken Dip. In between bites they would make noises and look at each other with a deep understanding....this s%*& is good their eyes said. Never one to be left behind, I took a bite myself and immediately joined the fan club. 

When I was trying to figure out what to make for my friends Brad and Shaunna's recent baby shower this dip, or crack as I call it, immediately came to mind. I sent Katie, a Buffalo, NY native, a message asking for the recipe and received the pic above. LOVE. A written recipe card is soooo her. She's a great cook and I can already see her at 80 yelling down a long table for everyone to sit down and shut up, dinner is ready!:)

Happy Baby to Brad and Shaunna, thanks to Pammie for hosting a beautiful shower and thanks to Katie for introducing me to this awesomness!

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