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Monday, June 29, 2015

The Kiddos

Here's a few pics from my visit last week with my sister and her kiddos. My niece Liv and nephew Jack are ridiculously adorable, smart, funny, charismatic, ridiculous, loud, loving, annoying, tiring and fabulous! I love them to the moon and back! Here's the lowdown on our visit....
  • If you were ever wondering what I looked like as a child please see the picture above. It's actually quite eerie. Although I'm pretty sure I didn't have the appetite of a truck driver, which this one does. 
  • Jack and I had another epic sleepover and apparently I make the best scrambled cheesy eggs in history. 
  • I went to Water Country and probably got SARS.
  • We also made it to the river which was beautiful on a rainy morning.
  • When they light the food on fire at a Japanese Steakhouse I still get a little scared.
  • They're so much more fearless than I was, I envy them that.
  • If I see another pizza I'm gonna get sick.
  • Livvie looks so adorable when she pouts I kept taking pics of it which she hated.
  • I wish they lived closer.
  • I'm a bit hoarse because they made me sing Single Ladies like 95 times.
  • They're fabulous dancers, they get that from me.
  • I'm gonna sleep for a week!

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