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Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Friday, Love

{ Contrary to popular belief I actually hate having my picture taken }

A minor miracle has occurred over the last few weeks. On numerous occasions, while I've been working in my front yard, total strangers walking by have told me how great my yard looks and that they wish they knew how to make theirs look as good. The first couple times I thought I was being punked. It's taken six years of trial and error, wasted money, dead plants and frustration to figure it out. SIX YEARS! Now, when I sit on my porch and admire my handiwork, I wish I could transport that girl who felt like she would never get it right to today and let her know she would. It helps to remind me that that day will come in a few other areas too. I just have to be patient.

{ Roast Chicken + Watermelon and Arugula Salad = The best Summer lunch }

{ Miss A writhing as if she's in pain because I was a horrible mother and made her take a bath }

{ Summer Colors }

{ A great pinot and girl talk at Secco }

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