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Monday, June 1, 2015


A big Happy Birthday to my mom who celebrates hers today! Oh Donna.... I say that a lot. Not in the Richie Valens "Oh Donna" kind of way, but in the ooooooooh Donna kind of way. The relationship between a mother and daughter is complicated. Ours is no exception. Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don't. Sometimes we see eye to eye and sometimes we don't.

I'm sure it's not easy raising two girls whose father is mostly absent. I'm sure it's not easy dealing with an oldest one who thinks she knew everything the day she came out of the womb (hmmmmm wonder who that is?:)). And I'm sure it's not easy watching your child grow up and become their own person, when in many ways it means they will leave you. I'm sure none of it was easy. I'm hoping that when she retires she'll have more time to travel. More time to walk on a beach. More time to watch sports....her favorite thing!

In honor of her big day here are some things I love about my mom......
  • I love how great she is with kids. I think her soul just understands theirs. She's patient with them in a way that I see younger people struggle with. She's always been that way, to her credit. 
  •  She loves food. She loves a good meal. She also likes to tell us how much she likes it while she's eating. It's adorable. These green beans are delicious!!!! And I know a good green bean!
  • She likes to go and do. When I was a kid we were always going somewhere always taking a day trip. She wanted us to experience and see things. 
  • She cares deeply about her work, about getting things right. Dealing with people is always a challenge, but if it were just her and a microscope she would be very happy.
  • Her heart is fundamentally generous.
  • She has the easiest birthday ever to remember. I never have to worry about forgetting:).
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you...

xoxo 2015,

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