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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Brad Makes Bread

My friend Brad makes bread. Really good bread. Real bread, not the kind you put in a bread maker. It's so good it even makes up for the fact that he's Canadian. Nobody's perfect. When I asked if I could shoot the process for the blog, the teacher in him smiled and we spent almost an entire day doing just that....making bread. Well, between episodes of Jon Oliver and a rousing re-watch of Wag the Dog.

We made sandwich bread, baguettes, rye, name it. The differences between them amount to a few ingredients and timing really. And I'll warn you now, to do this right it takes a whole day. The steps are simple there's just a lot of them. Best done then on a chilly and/or rainy day when there are ample television binge opportunities available. I haven't included a recipe because I think it's best for you to explore and find what you like on your own. Don't be afraid, just get in there and make some.

A big thanks to Dr. Brad (he insists people call him that) for letting me in on the process and for the lifetime (month) supply of bread that is now in my freezer. I'm even having a dream about a slice (half the loaf) of rye with mustard and cheese on top as I type this. Get yourself together Fitzgerald!

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