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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Fairytale

When I first moved to Church Hill, it seemed like a bit of a fairytale to me. I've since learned that we're all just people trying to make our way through this world one day at a time. It's still the best place in the whole world to live, but it too has it's shadows and corners. It's mistakes and hard times. It's own stories best left untold. While a fairytale it is not, magic does live within it's trees and bricks. There is no other explanation for some of the things that have happened during the time I've lived here. They haven't been perfect, but they have been damn right magical. A simple magic happened this weekend when I took Miss A on a walk. Spring always brings a new kind of light and warmth best enjoyed with bare feet walking on the grass. Looking forward to the next time a little magic finds it's way in to my life.

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