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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'll Leave the Light On

Ok, promise you won't laugh. A long time ago a bunch of us got together for fun and went to a Psychic to do a past-life regression. You said you wouldn't laugh!!! I don't know if I believe what I saw, but I do know it was one of the most interesting and memorable experiences I've ever had. Maybe I'll write about it one day. Until then, it will serve as a memory I think of from time to time with extreme fondness. One thing I will share, which I was reminded of while making this recipe, is that in both of my lives (I saw two) my home always welcomed me with a light on.

In each experience I came home late and stood in front of my house for a moment before going in. I was overcome with a sense of rightness and comforted to see that light in the window. Recipes that seem like old friends give me a similar feeling. We must start with onions, celery and carrots. There must be meat involved, a rich stock to embolden it. A potato sounds about right. I could use the called-for milk, but half and half would be more to my liking. Pop a cork. Pour a glass. Wait. Kiss Miss Austen. The house smells so good. It's ready.

A recent rainy Saturday served as a wonderful backdrop for making one of those recipes, Cottage Pie. You can find the recipe here. A nod to my Irish ancestry and St. Paddy's Day to be sure, but also one I love. I hope my home in this life lives up to my others, real or imagined. I hope there's always something warm to feed my guests. A bottle to open. A light in the window.

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