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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Eggs and Soldiers

Breakfast in bed is kind of the best thing ever. Someone else bringing it to you is officially heaven. A delicious option for just such an occasion is Eggs and Soldiers. I was introduced to it by a very charming Brit, what seems like a lifetime ago. Our friends across the pond view it as a breakfast staple, and I have come to love it's unique mix of simplicity and formality over the years too. The egg part is pretty self-explanatory. The accompaniment of sliced toast looks like soldiers at attention as you dunk each piece into your egg. The key is cooking your egg to the desired consistency in boiling salted water. Or in my case that morning, enjoying it a little more well done than normal because a certain canine was whining about not being fed and forced met to step away from my appointed egg-watching perch. No matter, still utterly delicious when enjoyed under a blanket while reading the newspaper on a lazy weekend morning.

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