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Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Friday, Love

{ Leaving the twinkle lights from my birthday party up because they make me happy }

It was cold. Then it was crazy windy. Then my power went out. Then we got it back on again. Don't ask. Then Dominion Power turned it off while I wasn't home. Then we got it on again. Then I said a prayer as my house warmed back up again. Then it snowed. A lot. Well, for Richmond. Then I unexpectedly got a couple days off and made the best of it. Then it continued being cold. Then it got even colder. Even the Canadians thought it was cold. The Richmonders contemplated suicide. Oh Winter, how I hate you.

See ya Monday!

{ Snow Day = Turkey Sandwich }

{ Spending hours on hold to try and reschedule my flight to KY was almost as fun as my Father's Funeral }

{ Only the best for my Baked Ziti }

{ This week's tools of the trade }

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