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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jack and Liv

So here's the deal...I'm sure you think your kids are cute. I'm sure if you don't have kids you think any miniature relative you have is adorable. I'm sure somewhere, sometime in your life you've seen a kid who was so freakin cute you thought you were going to abduct them. But here's the truth. Price Waterhouse Cooper did a study, all major movie critics agree and I double-checked the niece and nephew are in actuality the two cutest kids on the planet. It's a fact. I'm just reporting it.

I spent a few days after Christmas in Atlanta visiting them and I was going to put their photos in my holiday post, but frankly, there were too many awesome ones so they get a whole post to themselves. Wish I could give them squishes (that's what I call hugs) right now.

Dear Jack and Live,
Be nice to people, always do your best, don't ever settle for less than you deserve and remember, I will bail you out of jail if you need me to. At least that's what I think your Grandfather would have said to you if he could have watched you grow up.
Love Always,
Aunt Kel

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