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Friday, January 23, 2015

It's Friday,Love

{ Feeling like white roses this week }

If you saw yesterday's post you know I'm in dire need of a martini and long morning in bed with coffee. Posting days have been a bit off too. Doing the best I can, and perhaps it's my looming birthday, but I'm alright with that. Hopefully age is a harbinger for self-forgiveness. And you'll also notice I didn't apologize. Another thing I'm working on in the new year. See ya Monday! 

{ In all honesty I'm pretty cheap when it comes to beauty products, so I'm super excited to try my new samples }

{ This fried chicken sandwich was surprisingly horrible but I'd already taken a pic so here ya go }

{ Currently living in my grey cashmere sweater once I cross my home's threshold }

{ How in God's name can we put a man on the moon and yet we can't create a computer battery any smaller than this? }

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