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Monday, December 8, 2014

Map My Ride

If you had told me a year ago I'd be riding 30 miles on a regular basis and training for a 50 mile race in a few months, I would have told you you were smoking crack. But as with all unexpectedly wonderful things in life, here I am. Sunday morning I wanted nothing more than to stay underneath my comforter and have coffee in bed. It sounds really windy out there. Cough....cough....maybe I'm getting sick should really rest. But I got my ass up and did about 30 miles. Guilt was also a factor, as my friends who I ride with would make endless fun of me if I bailed. We have a great group of neighbors that rides together regularly. A fun name and matching jersey's are obviously the next steps and I think we've settled on Church Hill Riders. Hill Yeah! Here's a few pics from my iphone of our Sunday morning ride. We've found a new route which is quickly becoming my favorite because I get to eat a chocolate donut at the halfway point. Enjoy!

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