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Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week everybody! Wish I was spending it with my nephew Jack like last year, but he's headed off to Disneyworld with the rest of the fam. I will see his sweet face at Christmas. My friend's family is taking pity on me, so at least I won't be cooking turkey for one with a side of premium dog food for Miss A. Looking forward to a big feast Thursday and putting up Christmas decorations on Friday. I need to finish a few house projects I've been putting off and do some Christmas shopping too. Hopefully a few bike rides will be in the mix as well and some sleeping in, which sounds like heaven after a long couple months.

I'm taking the week off from the blog as well, but I'll be back next Monday with all new posts and lots of holiday fun. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and that you're spending it with people you love. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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