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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Seasons Change

This was my Sunday. Not planned out, but productive none the less. If I plan chores ahead of time they seem like, well chores so I don't want to do them...I procrastinate....I find other things to do....and generally stall as long as I can. Shawshank Redemption is on I have to watch it! Because it will never come on network and/or cable television again and I also have no ability to rent and/or buy it. Oh Kelly.....

Some light cleaning on Sunday, and I stress light, led to cleaning out my closet and changing out my summer wardrobe for my winter. Who cares and why is that important? Well, for me it's always a rather melancholy ritual. I have trouble living in the moment. I always have. As I fold each dress and stack each blouse I remember the good times I had while I was wearing them these past few months. The bad times I had, the silly times I had, the walks, the dinners, the trips, the meetings......the memories. I wonder what will happen while they slumber in their plastic Target containers stacked neatly in my closet. I wonder how life will have changed when I pull them back out.

I used to keep things longer than I should have. Maybe next year I'll wear it? I can't throw this away I've only worn it once. Note to self! Exactly, you've only worn it once! I'm getting better these days and letting go of things that are weighing me down is coming more naturally. Some pieces have outlived their time. Some don't fit because of all of the weight I lost. And some will leave me because of fashion and the life of fabric. Or is that the fabric of life? I think that's a commercial for cotton. One dress I haven't been able to put on for over a year because of what happened while I was wearing it. That one I'm making an exception for and it will stay with me always. Old dogs:).

So here we find ourselves again at the start of fall. It's getting dark and there's not much room for improvement this year. Best to celebrate what we can until the universe gives us that new hope only January can bring. Best to drink wine by a fire, put up too many twinkle lights and laugh until we are so tired we fall asleep in front of said fire. Seasons change and we change with them. I always say a prayer as I seal the plastic containers, despite the fact that I'm Catholic and not religious (another post entirely). I ask that life will have been full, exciting and happy until they see the light of day again. Here's hoping someone is listening......

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  1. This was basically me during the past few weeks, when I stood in front of my wardrobe, frantically pulling out the items I don't wear anymore... well, once I finally got to it after procrastinating for months.The good thing is, that I am now ready for some fresh air aka a few (well chosen) items.
    btw, I love Shawshank Redemption, really a good reason for procrastination ;)