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Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Friday, Love

{ My Kentucky Bounty }
My dreams of a not crazy busy October and a really clear November were demolished on Monday when the calendar became a maze of appointments and trips in about an hour's time. Oh well, it's all good stuff, nothing to complain about. And if my calendar were clear I would feel unexcited and bored. A catch-22 of the most American kind.....

Here's a few snippets from the week...

  • This week has been pretty good, no overnight trips, and the weather has been slowly creeping toward "fall-esque" so I love it.
  • Pumpkins are already adorning my porch.
  • Miss Austen says hi and she's been glad I've been home to hang out with. 
  • Outlander doesn't come on again till April = BOO! 
  • Maybe it's the band's upcoming wedding gig or the dark, cool arrival of fall, but we're gravitating toward working up slow songs like Landslide, You Belong to Me, Hallelujah and Wonderful it.
  • I want that moment where I laugh and feel so foolish, because just the moment before I felt so hopeless that it would never happen again. 
{ The band had an impromptu photo shoot after our awesome show at Hardywood on Sunday }

{ My nephew Jack sent me a special message all the way from Atlanta. His birthday is this weekend. Happy Birthday buddy I love you! }

{ Fabrik on Cary Street is quickly becoming my favorite place to find show dresses. Can't wait to wear this one! }

{ This stuff (crap) has been on my kitchen table since staycation. I still haven't found curtains I like for the kitchen so I'm hoping this will embarrass me enough that I'll bite the bullet, order some and be done with it! }

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