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Friday, September 19, 2014

It's Friday, Love

{ A bracelet made of old buttons + some new glittery baubles = my favorite new combination }

I had a super productive rainy day at the house last Saturday which helped me start the week out well for a change. I needed a day to myself, quite. I'm learning to build them in knowing that with my schedule if I don't, I'll implode. Then Sunday I had a great time with a friend who's recovering from surgery. So wonderful to see her back on her feet again and smiling. Then the week took off and I haven't really stopped since. A couple great opportunities at work and a few days in DC for a conference rounded out the week. The one thing I'm in dire need of is some exercise. I've had a sniffle for a couple weeks but I'm currently on the mend and craving some cardio. It absolutely sucks when your body won't cooperate. Here's hoping for a bike ride this gorgeous weekend. Sunday the band is at Strangeways Brewery if you're inclined to join us. Show starts at 1:30pm!

See ya next week!

{ New born baby smell makes me very happy. Welcome to the world Miss Sadie! }
{ Yummy }

{ Anyone up for a trip to France? }

{ I love Open City Diner in DC because you get animal crackers with your coffee }

1 comment:

  1. I'm up for a trip to France... Does that napkin say tryst?!?