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Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Friday, Love

{ Having your girlfriends over for brunch is always a good idea }

Life has mirrored the crazy weather we've been having this week. Out of the ordinary, a little jarring. My Dad's birthday is today so happy birthday to him and a big thank you to everyone for all of the kind words about Wednesday's post. Writing about loosing him helps a lot and your support means a lot too.

On another front I did something this week that I didn't want to do but I think I needed to do. It happened very suddenly and in retrospect I will never be happy about how I made the decision, but it is made none the less so I have to see where this turn in the road takes me. I have no idea if it was the right decision or not either, but I've let something fill up so much of my head space that there isn't room for anything else and I'm exhausted. I imagine it won't be forever, but for now hopefully it will bring me some peace and a bit of a rest until it feels like the right thing again.

This weekend I'm headed to the mountains with my rain boots in tow for some R&R and meals cooked over a fire. My magic blanket will be with me (more about that in an upcoming post) to keep me warm and good friends to laugh with. I hope everyone has a great weekend see you Monday!

{ Great weather has meant bug-free time on the porch for me and Miss Austen }

{ Unexpectedly fabulous show last night at Crossroads Coffee House in Richmond }

{ One more pic that didn't make Wednesday's cut, my grandpa's duffel bag }

{ Did I mention there's been a lot of porch sitting lately? }

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