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Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Friday, Love

{ Wish I was back in West Virginia }

This week has been let down city. We talked about our West Virginia trip for so long and had such a great time that when it was over I got a little blue. Everyone else is apparently feeling the same way so we'll just have to plan another one for next year. I also walked into Target and the "Back to School" signs are up. When you're a kid this time of year feels like a new beginning, but for us adults it means summer is nearing it's end and the holidays will be here before you know it. I used to love the holidays. I also find myself going to that "this time last year" place which is doing me absolutely no good and I am self-diagnosing myself as a masochist.

It's the inevitable transition from summer to fall and I'm sure shortly I'll be in love with blankets and wine by the fire in my living room. There is still a bit of summer left though and I have a new mountain to explore shortly, a big conference for work and my annual staycation before Labor Day. The band has a bunch of shows coming up and then there's always the simple nights we spend laughing on friend's porches in Church Hill which are the best.

Dear Fall,

Hold of for just a bit.....


{ I love a man who likes to dress well but doesn't take longer to get ready than I do. Unfortunately, this one's already spoken for:) }

{ The band played an awesome charity show at Strangeways Brewery. Thanks to Strangeways and Happy Camper Productions for having us! }

{ Squeezed in a walk on Brown's Island }

{ Finally a rainy day for my plants this week. Not the perfect, and very detailed, rainy day I have in my head, but hopefully one day that will happen }

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