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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday: Chapter 2

{ You should always have champagne for your birthday:) }

A couple weeks ago Austen Hill had it's second birthday. I missed it. When the date came around last year I didn't remember either, a domain renewal email alerted me. Last year I was so excited. It's been a year? Oh my god! Awesome! I was so proud of the work I'd done and how the blog had become such a happy place for me. You can check out Chapter 1 here.

This year was different. I got the same email and cringed. I think mostly because I wasn't as proud of the work I'd done on the blog over the year. Life changed a lot for me and this blog changed with it. On a positive note, work became insanely busy because we grew and started doing very well. I began traveling a least 30% more than in prior years, which meant fun trips and exciting projects, but also sleepless nights in hotels and stress.

I was also emotionally exhausted most of the time because of something life threw my way. Writing is usually a cathartic outlet and helps me through tough situations, but this was nothing I could share on the blog. Well I could have, but I chose not to. That was the right decision. Life is funny, you never know what will happen, and even something wonderful can be terrifying and hard to navigate.

Are you feeling creative? Yea neither was I. Then I began doing what I do best...beating myself up. Why can't you get to everything? You're not managing your time correctly...blah, blah blah. We'll get to the part where I'm going to be kinder to myself this year shortly. The holidays were so hard this year too and I was so happy when they were over. What, no holiday tablescape posts? Then work and the band ramped up the first of the year and before I knew it I got that trusty old domain renewal email. Uggghhhh........

So here we are again campers.....that time of the year when I promise to do better, BE better. I will get everything done on time! Never miss a blog post! Shut off my brain when all I can think about is one thing and somehow be amazingly creative and mind-blowingly awesome all the time. Fuck that. This year I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen. I might produce award-winning blog posts on a weekly basis, I might visit Mars and I just might finish decorating my kitchen. All would be great, but let's shoot for two out of three.

What I do know is that I don't want to use this year's Birthday post to just look back. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have many uber-reflective posts coming your way where I relive the pains of my childhood and digress into Freud-isms, but this year I want to focus on the future. A friend asked me once if I had a bucket list and I had nothing to say. Shocking, but true. So while this list will most likely take the rest of my life, this year seems like a great time to start. So here goes...this is my bucket list.

1. Make the perfect Dirty Martini. If you're a regular reader you know this makes most of my "lists", "Things To Teach My Godchildren", "Things To Take On A Boat In Case I Get Stranded On A Desert Island". And it should be so easy, but this drink is deceptively so. The ratio of vodka to olive juice must be perfect. The type of olive used is key. The temperature of the glass.....the humidity outside....these are all factors and I wouldn't be surprised if this takes me the longest.

2. Visit Easter Island. If you don't know where and/or what that is you can't come with me:).

3. Sing at Carnegie Hall. This sounds grand but please don't misunderstand. I don't care if we break-in at 3am during a snow storm in February and it's only the night janitor in the audience. I just want to sing on that stage.

4. Have a date to a wedding. It just looks like the most fun. Yes, I'm 35 and every wedding I've ever been to I've gone by myself. But a handsome man in a tux that's contractually obligated to dance at least one dance with me, awesome sauce.

5. Have a giant Thanksgiving one year where I get to make "Turducken". A dream for over ten years, but again, if you don't know what that is you're not invited:).

6. Go to Space. I really don't care about Space and I don't care if I go. But when I think of the scariest thing that Kelly Fitzgerald could make herself do (I hate heights, flying and dying) this is it.

7. Hug my Dad again. I have like another 60 years to complete this stuff right? We should have figured out how to bring people back from the dead at that point. If not, step on it scientist people!

8. Be kinder to myself.

9. Be that super cool old woman who's like 90 and sitting on her porch in the South of France thinking about all of the amazing adventures she's had in her life. Did I mention I also look, at most, 60 by this point because plastic surgery has advanced so much? Good memories, good wine and hopefully someone beside me to enjoy it with.

And that's all I got right now. All lists should be comprised of 10 so I'm reserving 1 spot for the future. I also reserve the right to change this monthly, but for right now this is it. I'll probably start with the Space thing, that seems to have the best chance of immediate success.

Happy Birthday to Austen's to a great year!

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