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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dr.'s Orders

When I get home from a long conference and multiple days of having to be "on" from 7am-11pm I feel it. I'm a little sluggish, my mind is foggy and my tummy is yelling, NO MORE!, after days of reception appetizers and bad chardonnay. I'm on people overload and badly in need of a long hot bath and a reset button. After a few days at home I start to feel that equilibrium return and all is right with the world, but a few things help me along the way, including my "Dr.'d Up Ginger Ramen Soup".

I love Ramen. My favorite is the cheap kind. We fell in love in college I think. It's comforting and delicious, but unfortunately not something I can eat with any kind of regularity if I hope to keep my blood pressure in check. I do indulge every now and then though, when I need a little culinary comforting. Over the years I've found a classier brand, Annie Chung's, and experimented with the recipe to make it a bit more in line with my adult palate. I like to mix the chicken with the soy ginger. Then I "Dr. It Up" with extra ginger, red pepper flakes and just a splash of soy. Add some easy-to-cook frozen shrimp and fresh broccoli, and you have a comforting meal of on-hand pantry staples mixed with a few fresh ingredients. Enjoy and relax.....Dr.'s orders.

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