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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Country Roads

This past weekend I found myself traveling down that most West Virginia of institutions, a country road. I traveled by bike, car, foot and river, sometimes pedaling with all my might and sometimes wandering aimlessly letting life show me which way to turn next. I wasn't alone in my travels, I secured a spot with a motley crew of lovely adventurers led by the vivacious Joey Pugh. I was told, by Joey, that I was to refer to him as the "best cruise director ever". Luckily for him I concur with his assessment, and I know I speak for everyone when I say thank you Joey for planning a great weekend!

I took hundreds of pictures and had the hardest time choosing which ones to include. That's the sign of a wonderful adventure I think. We biked the C & O Canal in Harper's Ferry, drifted down the Shenandoah River and enjoyed some great local food spots. On Sunday leaving the view from my balcony was painful, but an afternoon of antique shops and wine tasting made up for it. I'm exhausted and need a vacation from my vacation, but it was totally worth it. West Virginia is a magically wild place and a little slice of heaven that I will always keep with me.

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  1. Such a beautiful collection of photos. Just charming.