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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wish You Were Here

I was on vacation last week in South Carolina with my family and I was so excited because I needed a break like it was nobody's business. The first half of the year has been so busy at work and I've been traveling a ton. A good problem to have, but a challenge none the less to feeling creative. I don't sleep well in hotel rooms so I think I've been chronically tired for a few months and just not able to catch up. So needless to say I was so looking forward to catching my breath and resting.

We had a really fun time and the weather was great. We celebrated my mom's 63rd birthday and caught a baseball game. I brought my bike (best decision ever) and took it out a few times which gave me some "me" time as well. My niece and nephew came of course and it's so interesting watching them grow. My little brother and sister are quite a few years younger than me so I've been through it before, but as an adult you can see how the things you say and do impact their behavior and world view. They look to you for guidance about how scared they should be during a thunder storm and can't understand why you don't think watching Frozen for the millionth time is still AWESOME!

Life sounds very different with children too. It's a sensory overload that leaves your mind reeling a bit. Crash! Squeal! Miss Austen! Where's Livvy?! Today on the Today Show! I want a snack! Where is Livvy?! They don't seemed phased by it though, as they gleefully run from their beach chair to the ocean clutching a Buddy Fruit in hand. You begin to cherish moments of silence and space, and yet your mind immediately wanders to where they are and what they're doing. A catch-22 of sorts. Then they smile up at you with arms outstretched and you forget that only a moment ago you were wondering if duct-taping a child to a chair was illegal.

Jack and Liv are both fearless and intelligent so I count myself a lucky aunt and godmother looking forward to many more years of watching them grow. We also made it to Charleston for the day and I'll have those pics up later in the week. For today, I hope you enjoy our beach shenanigans as much as we did!

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