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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Big Apple

New York City is one of the only places I travel to that still intimidates me. No matter how well-traveled I think I am or how much older (and/or "seasoned" as a friend calls it) I happen to be, as soon as I step onto the pavement I feel like a girl from the country who got invited to the big party.

This is last year's dress, but I hope it's not too shabby.....

This time I was just there overnight for work but it was a trip of firsts. The first time I'd been in the city without an immediate family member, the first time I've had a proper camera with me and the first time I had a bit of time to wander around on my own. These are all pieces of a puzzle I think that will one day mean when I step onto the pavement I'll feel like I belong. Not a stranger in a strange land, more like a visit with an old friend.

I had my bearings a bit better..streets looked more familiar. Someone stopped and asked me for directions so the word TOURIST wasn't plastered on my forehead. The food was wonderful and the work was productive. For the second trip in a row though the rooftop of The Met (my favorite place in New York) was closed due to weather. So there is a reason to return, a reason to take more pictures. I still haven't walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I still haven't been on a boat ride in Central Park. I still haven't been almost killed by a bike messenger. Ahhhhhh....The Big Apple.

Hopefully I'll see you again soon.....

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