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Monday, June 16, 2014


Traveling with your family, two adorable kiddos in tow, in 90 degree heat and 89% humidity is super fun (really awful!)! Just kidding:). During our vacation a couple weeks ago we decided to take a day trip down to Charleston. We stopped by the aquarium, wandered around the shops and spent some time by the water. We really did have a fun day, but lord it was hot. Heat makes rational people do funny things. At one point or another during the day we all wanted to kill each other. I started wondering how much water a kid actually needed to survive in case the zombie apocalypse hit and I had to ration out the two bottles I was carrying. At a certain point, I'll admit,  I politely excused myself (screamed I'll meet you later) and had a leisurely lunch on my own of scallops and bubbly...sooooo goooood.

By the end of the day we hugged (set aside our need to kill each other) and took the water taxi around the bay. I miss the smell of salt water. I wanted to make it back another day to take in even more of the sites, but unfortunately that didn't work out. Hopefully I'll be back soon to see even more of the city and try some of the lovely restaurants Charleston is so famous for.

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