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Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Friday, Love

{ So excited about how my kitchen turned out! }

I am officially sick of painting! So be on notice....oh friends of mine....if you need help painting in the near future I will flat out tell you no, but I'll have a beer and keep you company while you do. Love you! The kitchen turned out great so now I just need a few more key pieces for the living room and operation spruce up the house will be complete!

This week was the first time I've spent 5 consecutive days in my own bed for a while which was fabulous. Miss Austen was starting to forget who I was. In my head I affectionately think she refers to me as the lady who drinks a lot of wine and feeds me. Having people over to my place Saturday so should be fun and lots of packing to do for next week's trips. Have a great weekend!

{ Everyone thinks they have all the time in the world......they don't. Lots of passings recently. If you don't take charge of your life you will get to the end and all you'll be able to say is...well, at least I made other people happy }

{ Sushi should be eaten in mass quantities and always with beer }

{ Miss Austen has a hard life.....pity her }

{ Busy week at work and looking forward to another busy exciting one next week! }

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