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Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Friday, Love on Monday

Friday I had every intention of sitting down and writing a quick It's Friday, Love blurb, including some shots from the week and heading off to relax for the holiday weekend. As you can see from Friday's post that didn't happen. Honestly, I tanked Friday morning. Knowing that for many reasons I wouldn't be seeing some of the people I love was hard and it tends to hit me like a wave on important days (like holidays). I hope that one day this won't be the case, but only time will help. Despite all that I actually had a good weekend spending time with friends and getting stuff done around the house so all is well that ends well.

Shifting to today we enter what I like to call "The Gauntlet". These are perfect storms that I have two or three times a year where literally everything happens at once and if I don't plan ahead I run into a heck of a lot of trouble and things fall through the cracks. Hopefully my To-Do List above will get done and I can maneuver the next two weeks without my heel snapping or swarms of locusts appearing. At the end I will fling myself on the bed, take a deep breath and say....I'm done. At least until the next one appears on the horizon. 

Here are a few pics from last week from my Instagram addiction hope you enjoy. I'll be back on Wednesday with an all new series on the blog called Never Have I Ever. Stay Tuned!

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