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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rosemary Rendezvous

Rosemary, how I love you. Let me count the ways. I know it's early, but a couple weeks ago the weather was so nice I went to the greenhouse and bought some herbs and a few hardy flowers to start some of my annual pot planting. Everything has done well, even withstanding a couple snow days. Hopefully this is a good sign and my thumb will actually turn green this year. In years past you could say it's been a pale chartreuse. A vast improvement over my charcoal thumb of a few years ago to be sure, but not yet the bright Kelly green I'm aiming for. 

I was lucky I had some of this fabulous little herb already on hand when a friend came over for an impromptu cocktail recently. Cut to me racing around my house trying to figure out something fun to make with what I had on hand. What any of us did before google search I know not. I found a great recipe for a Rosemary Lemondrop Martini which you can find here. It was light and refreshing with just a touch of warmth from the herbal addition. Perfect for spring. I'm not a huge sugar fan and time was not on my side, so I omitted the rosemary sugar rim but, if you have the time and the taste for it I'm sure it would be a yummy addition. Throw in a few snacks for good measure and you have a wonderful time on your hands. Cheers!

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